Our Story

Oglen Solutions is a company that provides institutions with a platform to both create and maintain a large photo database. Every day, Oglen is working to making large photo database projects as efficient as possible, eliminating the many headaches they can cause. As a result, we are at the forefront photo database management, paving the way to greater results.

Our Founders

Our Commitment

Every project will be approached with the same innovative mind, enthusiasm, and care. Your experience is extremely important to us, and we want to make each project as efficient as possible. Projects that deal with a lot of data can become quite complex, so our aim is to simplify the process. We will be with you every step of the way, not only during the project, but to help maintain the platform.

Oglen wants to create the perfect solution for you, that is tailored to your specific needs. It can include all the customizations you want to make your life easier. We want to help create your vision and make it come to life. In addition, our system is dynamic, and can be adapted to a constantly changing technological landscape.