Our Solution

Having our software for your school gives alumni an opportunity to stay connected as a member of your school's community.

The easier it is for alumni to engage with their community, the more likely they are to do so. Most alumni are proud of their accomplishments, and should be able to tell their story as part of the school's history. People expect their data to be available instantly, from any location. With our software, alumni can access their photos online or at school, using any device, within seconds. The end goal is to develop a searchable, online platform, where alumni, family, and friends, can look up pictures and history about current and former students. If alumni are engaged, they give back in many ways, including donations, mentorship, and hiring students.

Alumni Lookup Example

Our Features


All of our kiosk software is fully themeable and will include your school's branding.


We recognize that everyone has different needs and we are happy to work with you to address them.

Social Media

We make it easy for alumni to share their profile and/or photos with family and friends.


While we are happy to help you with digitizing future years using our software, we also provide you with the tools to do so for additional peace of mind.

Easily Searchable

Find any profile, including graduation photo and composite, in seconds.


Your school's history is important, saving it securely and making it easy to access provides peace of mind.

Our Offerings

We provide a customized digital platform to display your school’s photos and history, tailored to your schools branding. Your school's history is irreplaceable. Going digital gives the opportunity to both showcase it, and save it securely. Since photos are accessible through our platform, it becomes easy for staff to prepare for alumni events. Our software matches each student's individual photo to your school's database, adding valuable information to your existing alumni data.

Currently, many schools honor their alumni and display their history by hanging graduation photos on the walls of their school. However, this method is inconvenient to access, out-dated in this digital era, and leaves these memories at risk for loss or damage. The end product is an easily searchable customized digital platform that can be accessed from your school’s website.

Photos not digitized? No problem! We offer a turnkey solution, that can include: digitizing all your photos, individualizing each student’s photo and matching the photos to the school’s database.

We are professional, experienced, and dedicated to your alumni relations success! Crafting your customized digital alumni platform. We are here to assist you through the whole digitization process.