Our Solution

Having our software for your sports team gives you a great way to access your history and engage athletes.

We are in the digital age, and everyone wants to be up to date with the latest trends of engaging team alumni and donors. If a previous athlete or donor arrives at the team headquarters, going through their old photos with them is a great way to reminisce and bring back the memories that tie them to the team. Being able to do this without wandering through the building looking for that one specific year is a great benefit of our platform. We can use any data that may be available, such as the sports the athlete participates in, any medals or achievements, demographic data, or anything else you would like displayed.

Football Player

Our Features


Each profile will include an overview of the athlete, team photos, and more.


Whether a national medallist, or first-team all star, it can all be part of each athlete's profile.

Highlight Videos

Each athlete’s profile can include videos from their glory days.

Social Media

If an athlete wants to share their profile or achievements with their friends and family, we make it easy to do.

Preserve History

Your team's history is its legacy, saving it securely provides ease of access and peace of mind.

Donor Recognition

If an athlete becomes a donor, we recognize their contributions in their profile.

Our Offerings

History is important to us. For example, an athlete’s child should be able to look up their parents or grandparents, no matter how long ago they were an athlete. Often times, many of the old photos, some we have done dating back to the early 1900s, are the team’s only copy of these memories. Digitizing is a great way to preserve the history of the organization, and a great way for athletes, family members, or friends, to access the rich history of the sports team. We want to make sure it is always preserved and accessible for future generations.

Our end product is an attractive, searchable, and easy to use database, where athletes, family, and friends can look up former athletes and find their team photos, achievements, and bios. To achieve this, we provide a turnkey solution, including: scanning each team photo, individualizing each athlete from these photos, matching the photos to the team database, and creating an easily searchable interface to access the results from any device.